The Making of Pizzerian

From the beginning, pizzas were made to be served round, and in a size not for one to enjoy. So we created The Pizzerian committed to delivering just that. We believe that, every flatbreads with toppings, can be made more flavorful with the freshest ingredients.

Our Rich Tomato Sauce

When it comes to making tomato sauce for pizzas, always remember, less is more. Made from fresh tomatoes, the right flavourings and spices, our pizza sauce is what makes a rich and great tasting pizza.

The Best Cheese for Pizza

There is no denying fact that Cheese is the top ingredient for a pizza.

Freshest Ingredients

We are passionate about fresh, great food! We knew that with better ingredients, comes great pizzas. At The Pizzerian… Toppings… We make sure we only use the best ingredients for both quality and taste.

Delivery timing is between 35 to 45mins. Dismiss